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    Interesting project. Minor critique: maybe don’t call Lobsters a Hacker News clone. It’s substantially different in how the site works technologically and its culture. I always call it a Hacker News “alternative” if people are familiar with HN. Otherwise, an “invite-only, moderated discussion forum for tech.”

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      I really, REALLY love super succinct tutorials like this that show just exactly what you did and don’t bury it in 9 tons of needlessly confusing prose.

      I wish there were more of them.

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        Odd that you’d use Kubernetes for this, but more power to them. It is kinda handy to have an example of using new tech with and understood app to learn from. :)

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          If you’ve got kubernetes you want to use it for everything (I don’t mean that in a bad way). It’s great to just be able to toss stuff on your existing cluster rather than set up another pet.

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            Kontena is worth a look too. We’re using it instead of Kubernetes.

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              Could you give a one-sentence sales pitch of the distinguishing features in practice? It mostly looks like it just does less, which I’ll grant improves learnability, but usually isn’t worth using a less-traveled system when I’m likely to need those advanced features eventually anyway.

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                Not sure where you got it does less. Their FAQ covers comparison to other systems, https://www.kontena.io/docs/faq

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                Never heard of Kontena. Thanks !