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      Logo is still used today :) The school our children attends uses robots and Logo from Terrapin:


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        Can you give me more information about this program? What kind of robots do you use? and what applications? I am looking for something similar for my daughter.

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          The school uses these:


          … to introduce kids to programming concepts via push-button “programming”, leading up into Logo programming for the older children.

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            Thank you! much appreciated.

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      It is interesting that people always consider Logo for teaching programming. In Mindstorms, Papert clearly writes the intention was to teach geometry. He also describes a different „Newton-turtle“ to teach physics.

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        Is it still considered today? I believe Python has taken over that role. Maybe it depends on the age of the student.

        I do believe that producing pictures is inherently more fun than “sort this list of words”, even if the latter is what everyone who programs ends up doing eventually.

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          As an anecdote, I have been taught a version of Logo in 5-6th grade. This was 10 years ago, but I believe it is still taught in schools here.