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    It seems “Lobstered”:

    The server is taking too long to respond; please wait a minute or 2 and try again.

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      We pinched it.

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        Yeah, Pinched by the Lobsters should be the tagline for this kind of thing. I didn’t know we had enough readers to do it, though, just looking at the comments. Might be something else unless it’s a weak server setup.

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        Lobstered or otherwise, it’s still toast.

        Here’s the IU mirror of the thread, for anyone looking: http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1711.1/04620.html

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          wow, it has been dead for a long time.

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          The good ol’ Lobester’s hug to death.

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          Humor on the mailing list. There’s also some interesting follow-up discussion on git:// vs https://.