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from the post:

Shattered is a very low-spec game, and I’ve always tried to support as many devices as possible, including very old Android versions. Over the last four and a half years of developing Shattered I’ve made a point of supporting every device the original Pixel Dungeon supported when it was released. There are two main reasons why I’m now changing that policy.

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    Oh wow. Pixel Dungeon (the original?) is one of the few games I’ve had installed on nearly every Android device I’ve owned and every few months I come back and play for a bit (I’m really bad, so usually only 10 minutes :P). Maybe it’s time to upgrade to this version, I’d never heard of it.

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      The amazing thing is that it will still be supporting Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and still has about 100 users of the Play Store release running Gingerbread!

      I’ve played Shattered Pixel Dungeon a lot; it seems to be the most maintained and most balanced fork of the original.

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          tl;dr Technical changes from Google require native code to be added which will never be used; and number of active installs for Android 2.2 has reached insignificant numbers.