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    I was stoked when beginning to read the article! I maintain a PWA(1) for which I’ve wanted iOS notifications for years. Unfortunately, even this cool workaround doesn’t help if the PWA in question is also a SPA without back-end^^

    Very cool hack, though. Thank you for sharing! 🙏🏻

    1. https://github.com/200ok-ch/organice

    organice is an implementation of Org mode without the dependency of Emacs - built for mobile and desktop browsers.

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      I’m curious what you need notifications for if you have no backend? It seems like if there is nothing running when the user isn’t using the website there would be nothing to notify about.

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        organice implements Org mode, so many use it for project management, todo lists, calendars - all that regular stuff that usually would deem notifications (schedules, deadlines, etc.).

        organice itself is just a SPA, but the user can sync her files with WebDAV, Dropbox or Google Drive. So organice itself needs no back-end.

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          Ah I see. So you don’t need push notifications specifically. But you do need notifications (based on time in this case)

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            Exactly. Should be even easier, imo. But Mobile Safari won’t do it. And every release, I’m hoping for it(;

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      This is a very cool hack