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    The errors aren’t bad, but I just can’t get over all the exotic syntax, “magic” semantics, and bizarre operator overloading in Perl6.

    I will admit I don’t really know what real world Perl6 looks like, but all of the articles and blog posts I see sure do a good job of making me want to stay far, far away. Half the time, I read the code blocks and think “WTF is this supposed to do?” So I read the explanations, and it doesn’t help, it just changes the question to, “How is it doing that?”

    I feel like before I can even get started I need to memorize a million arcane rules about practically every non-alpha numeric character (and half of Unicode apparently) and how it behaves in different contexts. It just completely turns me off of the language.

    AFAICT, Perl6 went all in on all of the parts of Perl5 that I disliked the most.

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      I would like to second this.

      I spent the first four years of my career as a developer using perl5, I liked to know all the ins-and-outs of every operator, every trick - mostly so I could read some of the code in our codebase, I disliked half of that magic.

      But I did really like sigils…

      But perl6 just feels like it has gone in a very odd direction, to me it feels like the ‘broke’ the original meaning of sigils - and I think their changes are a net negative.

      They have also gone full on down the rabbit hole of crazy syntax, which I think will just further hurt them in the long run - perl5 was already disliked for it’s usage of silly syntax.

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        Crazy syntax is the magic of perl, and perl 6 is more magical. Programming languages are interfaces to the computer just like a GUI is.

        It’s all about interface design.

        Most UI experts will say “good” design is what users expect. Same GUI widgets between different programs. etc.

        However, most video games break this mold. They create kick ass interactive and fun interfaces and widgets that may not have any similarity with other games or GUI systems.

        Go, or Java are like classic work horse GUI’s, like windows or mac. Perl 6 is like a video game GUI, fun, exciting, sexy, and novel.