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BlogPost: https://medium.com/p/b7e87dd85fcf


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    Was intrigued by Buckaroo and we’ve had several threads on it, starting with: https://lobste.rs/s/3rqvx4/approaches_c_dependency_management_why

    Anybody with a recent update on how they feel about Buckaroo?

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      Buckaroo is actively being developed. Our current challenge is keeping packages up-to-date and improving Buckaroo itself.

      Although Buck(aroo) could just just invoke the underlying build system we discovered that this is not sufficient for several reasons:

      • most buildsystems are not reproducible
      • have insufficient support for cross-compilation
      • don’t play nicely with other libraries for various reasons (that are usually avoidable)

      In order to resolve those issues, we started porting all our libraries to Buck. As this turned out to be a big undertaking, we started investing our time into automated tooling: Have a look at our blogpost about buildinfer or it’s website.