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      This reminds me of that time I had to upgrade a remote SuSE server without physical access or a serial console to openSUSE skipping several versions (yes, it’s been a while) and while problems were not the same it also included having to manually update a broken zypper installation and that was the first time I had to do manual dependency resolution on 2 full whiteboards. Took about two days but it in the end it worked.

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      There really is no magic.

      For anyone who considers doing stuff like that: it is much safer to do it from live media. Both dnf and rpm support editing offline system with a simple command line flag.

      In any case, there is a high chance of orphan packages, so you should check for those afterwards.

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        it is much safer to do it from live media

        I think the author makes that case several times, don’t do it his way. That said, I want to do things his way, looks much more fun then “next next finish” wizard.

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          If you want some thrill, bootstrap a chroot and then bootstrap a new release of the primary system over ssh.