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    I see a lot of Pony posts recently. Enough to merit a tag?

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      i’d love a Pony tag.

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        I think it makes sense to have a Pony tag consider we have them for other languages.

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          Yes, why not. It costs nothing and will let users filter them if they’re not interested, or provide better search for those interested.

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          The amount of recent posts on the language made me want to take a closer look. Seems like tons of pragmatic type-safe fun.

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            feel free to ping me if you need assistance. i’m always idling in #ponylang on IRC.

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              You already have helped; I’m otremblay on freenode. :P

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            Thanks for this post clarifying the relationship between Pony and Causality, was something I always wondered about - but never enough to look into :)

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              I was kind of expecting something wishy-washy (don’t ask why), but, as a community worker, I do love that post.

              Money quote:

              In the end, programming languages succeed based on the strength of community, not technical merits. Technical merits can help but in the end, are relatively minor in the overall scheme of things. We on the Pony core team recognize this.

              This is so often ignored or swept under the rug, making it very frustrating for people doing all these kinds of things.

              There’s a couple of other factors playing into that, but “how do I get started and how do I get stuff done?” is often a mixing of community people helping and recognizing problems and later on fixing them in a technical fashion, not the other way around.

              Reading that, I am definitely looking forward to Ponys further development.