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Has anyone used Falcon in practice? I’m interested in what the general impressions of it were.

Manuals, for anyone wanting to look into it (they’re a little hard to find on the site).

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    Technically, I’m a falcon developer in that have commit access. I say “technically” because I haven’t committed code in what is probably years. I also help manage the github repo. Finally, I maintain the vim files for it. Feel free to AMA I suppose.

    Here are my pros and cons having been part of the language for several years now:


    • Written in C++


    • It’s quick. There was a time when the idea was to try and compete with Lua for speed.
    • The code base is solid.
    • The main developer has reappeared (no idea where he went) and is trying to get development started back up. If someone wants a project to contribute to, this is genuinely a fantastic choice in my opinion.


    • It is still, more or less, completely dependent on a single developer.
    • Master is frequently in a non-working state.
    • There hasn’t been a new release in a very long time because of con #1.
    • Like all small languages with little to no user base there’s almost no supporting infrastructure to build off of. If you need something not provided by the language you’ll have to build it yourself. There is a web framework called Nest, but I’ve never used it and can’t really comment on it.
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      How long has Falcon been around? Why does it exist in the first place?

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        The git repo’s oldest commit is January 2002. So it’s actually been around quite a while.

        The original author wrote a fairly detailed explanation here: http://falconpl.org/index.ftd?page_id=about

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      Hah, that’s a blast from the past for me.

      Finally, if you want to see Falcon running on a great OS, you should try out AuroraUX, an emerging open source distribution of Open Solaris. It comes with Falcon ready to run.

      source: http://www.falconpl.org/index.ftd?page_id=sitewiki&prj_id=_falcon_site&sid=wiki&wid=Getting%20started

      I have been part of AuroraUX (project long defunct, domain expired so don’t follow links). Falcon was picked as the systems scripting language (think like Perl on OpenBSD). That was around a decade ago.

      Some Googling reveals what the AuroraUX project had to say about Falcon

      Falcon is our scripting language of choice. “Simple, fast and powerful programming language, easy to learn and to feel comfortable with, and a scripting engine ready to empower mission-critical multithreaded applications.” – http://www.auroraux.org/index.php/AuroraUX:About

      source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/851997/what-is-your-opinion-on-the-falcon-language

      AuroraUX itself didn’t move far, Sun was sold to Solaris putting the thing under discussion, the main developer first wanted to use the DragonflyBSD kernel but instead started contributing to it and then moved off to do Linux and Mesa stuff. I think the only thing left after AuroraUX is the gnat-aux compiler for Ada.