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    Hey neat! It’s Kathleen! She was my department head in undergrad.

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      If people are interested in more, the project has continued since this original paper: there’s Incremental Forest (https://www.cs.cornell.edu/~dilorenzo/docs/incremental-forest.pdf, 2016), which adds features to allow precise control of I/O costs, and there’s a work in progress on adding transactional semantics to Forest (and improve the incrementality abstraction).

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        Awesome! Is there a website/github/demo?

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          This is the main student working on the project: https://www.cs.cornell.edu/~dilorenzo/ (though his website is out of date). He says the link http://forestproj.org/ should be to a project page, but is broken right now (it points to another project in that same lab).

          The version of Forest described in the original paper lives here: https://github.com/cornell-pl/forest. Incremental Forest (the later paper) exists here: https://github.com/padsproj/oforest

          The work-in-progress version doesn’t have a repo yet (Jonathan says he’ll be splitting it off into its own repo in the next month or so).

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        Would it work in distributed fashion? If not, is there a plan for distributed filestore?

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          My understanding is that the current work-in-progress version (adding transactions) is for exactly this purpose.