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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Doing a lot of thinking. I’m on the fence about leaving programming in public entirely. There’s so much agony involved. I get obsessed and fixated on things. I have very extreme opinions. It’s been proven to me time and time again that I am incompatible with everyone else. Actually no, not just programming. I’ll probably never make anything and release it publically anymore.

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      And then you’ll look back at it all 10+ years later and ask yourself “did I really let a bunch of NPCs stop me from pursuing greatness”.

      A lot of famous authors and thinkers have faced similar problems. Take a trick from their book - pick a pseudonym and keep going.

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        As somebody who has and values different opinions from mainstream dogma, I suggest not doing doing anything brash like _why and maybe just pausing for a while. In case you decide “fuck it, I’m gonna go back and keep yelling about this” in 3 months. Our status quo fucking sucks and we need weirdos sprouting weird ideas until we get something better. Or at least noticeably less-bad.

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          I suggest not doing doing anything brash like _why

          Brash things like deleting everything: unfortunate.

          Brash things like making excellent tutorials with cartoon foxes shooting “CHUNKY BACON!!!”: excellent.

          I’m still distantly sad that _why’s wallet name got spread around without his consent. He wasn’t doing anything bad, AFAIK, so there was no reason for everyone to just pretend they didn’t know it. I hope online communities have learned to err a bit on the side of not doing that.

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            For those who are younger or don’t remember, “why the lucky stiff” was the pseudonymous author of a popular guide to the Ruby language. He removed the site in 2009 for unknown reasons.

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              Thanks. One nitpick: I think his reasons were fairly clear.

              He did not use his legal identity in any context when publishing online, including the books, the articles and the libraries he wrote. He was somewhat private about his legal identity. It’s obviously not really possible to do things like register domains (*) and attend conferences without exposing your legal name to various parties, so it was an open secret. His identity was widely publicised just before he deleted everything and went dark. It is widely believed that that was the specific cause.

              (* individual privacy when you register a domain used to be much worse than it is now. WHOIS servers would by default just give out registrants’ names. GDPR made this better.)

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                Without explicit confirmation, it’s still speculation although your reasoning makes a lot of sense. That’s why I hedged.

                (I don’t think _why owes anyone an explanation, by the way).

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                  Yeah, agreed. ❤️

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              I meant “rash” but I fat-fingered it :)

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                Typo escaped notice by being plausible in context 😆

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            I’m on the fence about leaving programming in public entirely. There’s so much agony involved. I get obsessed and fixated on things.

            From the tone of your comment it looks like you do need a bit of a break from programming. Close the editor, take a trip somewhere, relax. Try doing some artwork, making some music, doing dorodango. :)

            I have very extreme opinions.

            I’m not sure why having extreme opinions on programming is a bad thing!

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            Week 1 of (intentional) unemployment…. and I have a paper deadline on Friday. That being said, once I have that finished up, I have a long list of side projects I want to start (organized by silliest first).

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              What’s on top of that list?

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                TiSH. A CLI/curses client for Tinder that renders all the pictures with an image to ascii art generator. My friend was joking it might actually improve my chances of someone swiping on me :P

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              So I wrote this last week and the weeks before it. So I’m probably going to put it deep into a stack and hopefully not touch it for a few years.

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                No work for a while after finishing a contract and feeling motivated this week so picking up a pet project and learning Vue + Vuetify for the front end. I get really bogged down in trying to make web things basically aesthetically pleasing and never getting over the CSS where I’m proficient enough to be able to do things quickly, so it’s often painful Getting Things Done. I’m hoping Vue+Vuetify will be a nice middleground between customisability and speed of development.

                Also recently started taking ritalin. Any lobste.rs ADHD/ritalin/adderall peeps?

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                    I suggest you do not skip taking it at the regular times. It is so easy to see the mood changes!

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                      Super interested if you want to share more about that as I’m planning to go on and off it as I need to, but there’s a larger story there.