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    Summary: Nick Cameron is a research engineer at Mozilla working on Rust: tools, the language, and compiler. He is leaving Mozilla - the article makes it sound like he has another opportunity that he is going to pursue. Steve Klabnik has also left the Rust team recently, though it sounds like this was for different reasons.

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        I’ll also get a chance to use Rust ‘in real life’. It’s hard to describe why that is a big deal for me; I’ve been programming in Rust pretty much daily for the last five years and writing real programs (and some pretty damn interesting ones too). But it feels cool to use it ‘on the outside’ after being ‘on the inside’ for so long. Especially in a project which is well-suited and committed to Rust.

        It makes me smile to know that even Rust core team members are excited to have an opportunity to use Rust in production :)

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      I can’t begin to imagine how much of themselves they put into this project, graydon, brson, ncameron and steveklabnik. Huge thanks to you all. Rust really put safety back on the roadmap for civilization.

      Carl Sagan would like a word with you.