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    Is anyone really using Portacle in 2020?

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      iirc it’s the recommended setup in the common lisp subreddit.

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      Also there’s a nice blog to follow: http://40ants.com/lisp-project-of-the-day/

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        IMO the online resources for CL have improved greatly the last couple of years. I mean, common-lisp.net is looking nice, what a revolution!

        And the resources and tooling in general have improved. People have less and less ground to bash CL :)

        • the stack is hard to setup? Portacle.
        • lack of an editor besides Emacs? There are good plugins for Atom (SLIMA), VSCode, Sublime Text, Jupyter Notebooks, Vim (of course), and there are more choices.
        • lack of GUI libraries? The Cookbook shows decent ones, though accordingly there is no Qt5 wrapper (but I hear it’s coming…)
        • lack of libraries? Awesome-cl at least helps the discovery, and py4cl is good.
        • CL is not typed? (I hear this and “CL is not a compiled language” once in the while) The Cookbook shows gradual typing.
        • Quicklisp’s monthly releases model is too slow? Ultralisp.
        • lack of a flagship software? I see three, ladies and gents: pgloader, ScoreCloud and Nyxt! (asides more technical and older ones, of course)

        We saw 2 new CL books published in 2020, implementations are active, Google (I mean, Google, woaaa) still uses and hacks on SBCL, we saw four job announces in a month on reddit… something’s happening, smart guys should jump in!

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          There is a QT5 wrapper but it is specific to ECL: https://gitlab.com/eql/EQL5