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      Added new riscv64 platform for 64-bit RISC-V systems.

      Awesome stuff. Just got my hands on a HiFive Unmatched and I’m very excited to tinker with this.

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        that board looks cool! Just out of curiosity, did you have a project in mind you are working on with it?

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          To be honest, I’m not entirely sure yet. There are a number of open source projects trying to target this board (Haiku and OpenBSD, among others), and I’d love to contribute somehow. If not there, I’d like to maybe try writing my own (crappy) OS for fun, since the components on the board are open and fairly well documented. If you have any fun ideas, let me know!

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      Smooth upgrade as always. Less manual work than usual (just one multi-line deletion) this time around.

      Comment written from my updated openbsd.

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      Loving seeing all the work done to improve bgpd. :-)

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      OpenBSD are Heros for good. sysupgrade gets better and better.