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    I’m using Minio in a client project for binary blob (largely photos, some other uploaded content like PDFs etc) storage.

    It’s great that there is an option besides actual S3, but I feel like all the features that would make it truly usable are going to end up in a commercial version, and so I’m desperately looking for alternatives (not necessarily even S3 compatible) that are “true” open source (i.e. not open core/VC backed with a likely open core future).

    For those wondering, one of the big things is that Minio has literally 1 key:secret for auth. If you want separate “accounts”, you need to run multiple instances, and then handle vhost (or alternative) addressing yourself.

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      Minio is always going to be Free Software, every feature that goes to a customer always goes upstream first and validated by our community. We don’t treat upstream and downstream differently.

      Feel free to reach out to us at https://slack.minio.io to talk to us about the licensing concerns that you might have we can explain further if you have more questions.

      PS: Minio founding team is also GlusterFS founding team.

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        Have you checked Ceph? Hosting a Ceph cluster is far more complex than running a small minio instance but it is LGPL licensed and open source.

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          I haven’t tried using it yet, no. You’re right it is definitely a more complex beast than minio/nfs/etc solutions, and I wonder if it’s too big of a beast for the type of businesses I usually work with.