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In theads like those tagged ask the only replies that matter (at first) are those at the top of the tree (the roots of the comment trees, per graph theory).

It is mildly annoying (specially on mobile) to scroll past 20 replies to the first comment, then another 15 after the second one, and so on.

I propose folding replies by default, or rather if the user reading the comments has folding enabled in its own settings. Folding replies is implemented already, just not by default.

What do you think?


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    I don’t find it particularly annoying as I like reading through the entire discussion, but sure – the option wouldn’t hurt.

    Slightly off-topic: keyboard-based navigation (j / k) to jump through comment threads, and perhaps return to collapse a thread would be a great addtion to the desktop UI.

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      I do like the idea of vimlike bindings, but these can be easily added via a browser extension like vimium, right? I don’t know how easy this is though, as I don’t use those sorts of tools.

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      Agree 100%. Reddit mobile does a “depth 3” or similar such that anything deeper is hidden behind a click. I don’t need to see 10 comments 5 levels deep before getting to the second top level comment.

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        I agree that the first detailed responses seem to get proportionally more upvotes, but I don’t think this will fix it.

        I’m against hiding it by default but if anyone wants to contribute the feature to be able to hide replies by default, sure, I’m all for that - but as you just posed a question without the ask tag- what would happen here? ;)

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          Can you point to a recent example of a post tagged ask that, in your opinion, had an excessive number of leaf comments hanging off each top-level comment?

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            This thread from 26 hours ago, for example.

            u/icefox’s first comment has quite some replies, and many are lengthy ones.

            In desktop browsers that’s just one swipe down to scroll, but in mobile browsers it’s not that fast.

            Again, it’s just mildly annoying, and I agree with others’ replies in that I would prefer this to be an option, not the default.