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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      My wife and I adopted a dog, who we named Ahsoka Tano. I’ll be taking care of her along with our existing three-and-a-half year old dog, Vader. I gotta work Sunday to make up for hours missed yesterday since we took the day yesterday going through the adoption process.

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        OMG that dog is cute

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      Last week, tired of waiting for a DALL-E invite I started looking for alternatives, I found Disco Diffusion and the beautiful images it creates. I started with the recommended setup, which involves a Google Colab, but it’s expensive, slow, and honestly pretty crappy, I also wanted my friends to get in on the fun.

      I ended up setting it up in my home PC with a RTX2070S and it works pretty well, and fast too! (7-8 min per image generation at 900x700). I created a website that is exposed to the wide internet through a cheap VPS and tailscale from my home PC so my friends could enqueue prompts to run on the GPU (user and pwd protected) and we’ve been experimenting with it. It’s been a HUGE success! A lot of friends asked for an account, and a lot of coworkers as well, I think I’ve caused a bit of a drop in productivity at work this week…

      Here’s the website: https://diffuse.dziban.net/ And here are some of my favourite ones so far:

      I’ll be improving and exposing more parameters of the model, as well as adding some QoL improvements.

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        Do you happen to know why “trending on artstation” is in the seed words (or whatever you call that)? I noticed it on the original Disco Diffusion post, too. Are the trending pictures on artstation of a particular style, enough that it provides a cue to the system vs, say “contemporary”?

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        Holy crap. I think the first one is my favorite.

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          Yes, me too I think (either that or the loom of time one), it completely ignored the space nomads part but I LOVE the result. If you guys want me to try a prompt, let me know. It really benefits from adding an artist at the end. You guys can check a pretty extensive list of artists here: https://weirdwonderfulai.art/resources/disco-diffusion-70-plus-artist-studies/

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        I have been having too much fun with this, trying to learn how to improve my prompts to generate better images! Thank you for your service, chief!

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        Thank you for sharing these, I enjoy seeing wacky AI interpretations of prompts :)

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      I have the weird urge to build a video hosting website, basically because Youtube’s business model is now actively in opposition to its actual users and it doesn’t seem terribly hard to do nowadays. Of course I have no idea how it would be monetized as a real service, but it might be fun to do as a personal project anyway.

      Of course what I should be working on is my programming language, but…

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        PeerTube might be a good starting point.

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          You’re right, I keep thinking that and then forgetting it exists. XD I suppose I should start by learning more about it.

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        YT is really a poor service, but it’s an online monopoly. I watch many video lectures (philosophy, history, debates, social sciences) online, there is no other source that has the same amount of freely accessible info. The amount commercials make the service unbearable tbh. I am contemplating paying for it because it’s impossible or cutting YT at DNS level and get over with it.

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          uBlock Origin cuts out the commercials pretty effectively for me.

          …So effectively that most of the people I watch who make a living from this have inline ads from their own sponsors. Which are generally more topical and interesting than whatever Youtube would put on the video anyway. And then Youtube doesn’t pay these people enough anymore for them to not have these ads anyway, makes their life hard through crazy algorithm changes, stupid moderation policies, and absurd incentives. And it all slowly spirals downward as Youtube tries to make itself stay relevant. What benefits is Youtube actually offering its content creators anymore?

          I know, I know, the network effects. Still, I want to try. Besides, I’ve seen several online monopolies die in my life, so one way or another there’s hope.

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      Visiting Warsaw, 🇵🇱 to see Coldplay for the first time. Worked out roughly about the same cost for travel & concert as seeing them in the UK, and I get to come back to Poland for the first time in a couple of years. Also looking forward to spending an afternoon in Piw Paw (Beer Heaven).

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        This reminds me of the story about London student, who moved to Gdańsk and was taking plane for lectures, because that was cheaper than living in London xD. Hope you will have great time! :D

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          That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest! I recall hearing the EasyJet CEO say living in Spain a few years ago and commuting to London was cheaper than living near London. Also planes were on time more often.

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      • Recovering from COVID-19, along with most of the rest of the family.

      • Wondering when my sense of smell is going to come back (I have to say, wine and coffee with zero nose is weird).

      • Continuing my migration from GitHub and GitLab to sourcehut.

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      Preparing the papers for my ham radio authorization

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      I’m going to be implementing federated repositories and starring remote repos in my Gitea fork. We’ve already finished most of the building blocks for Gitea federation using ActivityPub and ForgeFed, so now the more exciting work is starting! Here’s the task list with our current progress: https://gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/issues/3

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      Planning on switching my desktop to Nix (and possibly my aging (2012) MB Pro) since my Arch install has bitrotted a bit too much. I will be using https://github.com/Misterio77/nix-starter-config as a starting place for managed configs.

      This is largely a learning exercise in anticipation of getting my new Frame.work laptop in August.

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        Come to the guix side, we have parenthesis! ;)

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          Sorry, made it into a meme, couldn’t resist.

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      Celebrating my wife’s birthday, writing a tile-based procedural fantasy map generator, and painting HeroQuest miniatures.

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      I’m going to work some more on an old DnD-style game campaign that I have as a bunch of notes. Gonna flesh it out, remake the town maps and dungeons and might put it for sale on Itch. May even try to run it on Twitch if I can find people to do it with.

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      After a whole bunch of drama relating to an open source we forked because the maintainer had been MIA for 2 years, I’m taking a break. I’m pretty burnt out on coding and open source in general, so hopefully a weekend of biking, board games, video games, and spending time with my daughter and wife will help.

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        That sounds exhausting! A break with plenty of time in the big blue room seems like just the thing.

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      I am trying since a week to get github.com/facebookincubator/glean to compile on NixOS without much success, while apparently on Ubuntu it build just perfectly. So my weekend will mostly be spend digging into the details of why that is. There is something funky going on and i can’t pinpoint it.

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      I am just adjusting to the digital world after losing all my devices in one way or another. Starting fresh is nice (since I have lots of git repos that make it relatively painless) and I am also setting up some websites. Tomorrow I will go to a birthday party, my friend is turning 30, chill weekend.

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        Cripes. Hopefully not the massive data loss it potentially sounds like.

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          That was the least of it.

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      After months of weekends consisting of house work or work work, finally taking a mental break and going to attempt to-do something somewhat social. My mental health tends to spiral downward easily with isolation from friends and social circles, so going to focus on breathing, living, and safely socializing.

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        Break a leg!

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      Heading to DC for https://www.womensmarch.com/

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      Writing a magic the gathering boardstate storage and retrieval engine

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      Reading https://rcs.uwaterloo.ca/~ali/papers/sosp21-aurora.pdf - a modification of FreeBSD that continuously checkpoints application state into persistent storage and allows running programs to persist across reboots, be transferred to other machines, and more.

      I have a meeting with one of the authors tomorrow, hoping to get an undergrad research position in their lab. Fingers crossed!

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      Hopefully releasing the first beta of my first real browser extension, a query manager for scryfall mtg card search.

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      Working on a simulator for my hardware/software model.