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    Winner: Nobody. “Sequel” gets the most votes, but Chamberlin says “Ess-Cue-Ell”, and he gets extra weight because he’s the co-developer of SQL.

    The creator of GIF says it “jif” and he’s clearly wrong, so maybe the creators of things don’t have as much weight in the official pronunciations of things.

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      Chamberlin is just incidentally correct in this case, is what you’re saying. ;)

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      I say we burn it all down, forget everything we learned, and start calling it “squeal”.

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        I’ve actually been trying to evangelize this pronunciation for a few years now.

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        The linked video of Bill Gates is absolute gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ycx9hFGHog

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          MY GOD

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          I still pronounce the GIF file extension with a soft G, like the brand of peanut butter. Always and forever.

          Djihf. The D is silent.

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            DJ Ihf.