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      @tonyg since you didn’t get many comments here i won’t feel too bad asking a somewhat off-topic question in have you seen arcan? if so, what do you think of it? there was an arcan release post linked here on lobste.rs on the same day you posted this. - https://lobste.rs/s/f8dlyk/arcan_0_6_2_it_s_all_connected

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        Thank you for highlighting that! Arcan looks extremely relevant to my interests. It also looks like kind of a lot, so I’ll need to sit down and go through the website properly to get a better feeling for it. But yes, it looks really neat.

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      This post is full of awesome (all stuff I never heard of before):

      • Smalltalk on a mobile phone;
      • The Syndicated Actor model,
      • and its use in the Synit init system.
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      Love the idea.