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    As the site mentions, the PHP vulnerabilities are with specific libraries (Guzzle 4+ and Artax are mentioned), not the curl library that comes with PHP that most sites are probably using. PHP’s curl library requires explicit setup to use a proxy by setting CURLOPT_PROXY.

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      An updated Guzzle release is available, 5.3.1 and 6.2.1. Not yet available as RPM package in EPEL though.

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      Perl (well, LWP) fixed this back in March 2001:


      Way to go!

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        On Windows, environment variables are case insensitive, so you shouldn’t use GetEnvironmentVariable but instead use the standard C environ global or GetEnvironmentStrings and parse the result manually. Cygwin is not affected by this problem.

        I believe the biggest problem is thinking that configuration and interprocess communication were somehow related since they both are a “bag of properties”. I mitigate this in my own designs by using lower-case environment variables for my own configuration – it “looks weird” to people, and occasionally I see other programmers send me patches that “fix” the case of my variables, but then I point out that my implementation of http_proxy was always immune to this attack, back in the 1990s.