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    I got my Pinebook Pro a few months ago, and I love th concert, though I have to admit the state of OS support has left me re-enacting the 90s. Right now I have it booting Ubuntu off an SD card because the Manjaro install on the eMMC turns off the screen backlight and will not turn it on. I’m looking for the right sysctl incantation to rescue the Manjaro install.

    My choices now are to choose another OS and install it, or to finish rescuing Manjaro. That OS is meant to be optimized for the Pinebook’s energy use. Otherwise, it’s time to play, and maybe I’ll put in Elementary OS. As it is I know off the bat that as soon as I have a stable OS on it, I need to turn on SSHD so this never happens again, and that I need to make sure all my creative owrk on the OS can be git-pushed elsewhere.