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    here’s the language in question: http://www.impredicative.com/ur/

    anyone here using it? i’ve been feeling like i should give it a proper try for years now, but not gotten around to it yet.

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      I read the tutorials, the language has no garbage collector? How does that work? I thought the main problem with functionnal languages was the memory hog.

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        Ref counting? You can prohibit cycles in the type system, and a lot of web apps could probably get by with such restrictions.

        Or even just allocate and never free memory since each request is short lived. Then free the entire pool when the request finishes.

        No idea what’s done here, but that’s two possibilities.

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          My guess is the first one. Adam does a lot of clever things to eke performance out of Ur, so I wouldn’t find it surprising to see something like automatic ref counting.