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    Can anyone speak to the similarities and differences between Minio and Ceph (which I have some experience using)?

    I googled around for a bit and my vague impression is that Minio seems simpler and sleeker to operate, but isn’t designed for quite the scale that Ceph is (and also doesn’t support the same menagerie of client interfaces), but I’d love to hear someone knowledgeable say more.

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      The first difference is that Minio is only an object storage while Ceph is object storage, block storage and even a filesystem when needed, Ceph also has several gateways like rados gateway to provide swift compatible API for example.

      Generally Minio is like a small UNIX tool designed to do one thing and do it simple and fast (like vi editor for example) while Ceph is like Emacs with tons of modules and functionalities …

      Hope that helped a little.

      Maybe little out of topic but only in the latest versions of Ceph (5.x) it does check checksums and have builtin compression, I can not recommend earlier versions of Ceph then 5.x for anything.

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        That does make sense, thank you! And yes, my experiences with Ceph have been lackluster to say the least, although they are a few years out of date.

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          There is a chance that I will have chance to deep dive into Ceph 5.x in a while, if so I would share the thoughts for sure :)