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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      • 3D printing a flipflop
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        This is a great goal! But just one?

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          Could just be a portrait of the moment a politician flip-flopped? :)

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          What else do you do when you find one?

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          Just one, and if successful, the other…

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            I believe in you! Please post photos of the maiden flight.

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        JK, SR, or D?

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      Enjoy some free time between my old and my new job. Reading The Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist as preparation for what comes, but mostly a lot of slouching around.

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      I have built my first homemade antenna (slimjim) for ADSB reception and it’s working fine inside. Next step is to prepare everything to put it outside.

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        Aircraft tracking? That sounds awfully cool! Do you run custom software to track the overflights of your house or similar?

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          It’s easy: you just need an USB RTL-SDR dongle, a PC running dump1090 and a good antenna (it can be homemade with just piece of copper wire) , then you can receive the position beacons called ADSB by the aircraft.

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      Trying to tie up loose ends in the last couple of weeks at my current job. I think things are getting to a pretty good state for a smooth handover!

      Otherwise, I’m working a lot on my side project, an email alias service. I’m migrating from a hosted email sender to a self-hosted MTA, which is necessary but comes with a whole lot of (ongoing) work!

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        Woof. Self hosting an MTA is quite a lot of work indeed.

        I admire anyone who stays on top of this. I feel like GOOG, MSFT and a couple of other key players these days control the horizontal and the vertical, and don’t much care how many smaller players they tread on in the process.

        Good luck!

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          Woof. Self hosting an MTA is quite a lot of work indeed.

          That hasn’t actually been my experience, surprisingly. I started self-hosting my own email in… 2019 I think, and since early 2021 or so have used it for essentially everything. It took a few days to set up, using postfix + postgres for virtual accounts and dovecot for IMAP. But since then it has probably taken an average of one hour per year to actually support, maybe less. It’s not a perfect setup, but works pretty well and I have zero fears of it suddenly breaking. The only actual outage I’ve had was when I upgraded postgres and had to re-import the user database from backups.

          Now that I actually say this, I’m a little surprised by it myself. But I can heartily recommend it to anyone likes being self-reliant, and is running their own VPS anyway.

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            I’m really, REALLY glad to hear!

            I know a bunch of other folks and myself got impacted recently when GOOG really clamped down on their rules around DKIM signing and domains.

            Found it kind of frustrating when all my outgoing mail all of a sudden to Gmail addresses was getting bit-bucketed, but c’est la guerre I guess :)

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              Yeah I have SPF and reverse DNS, but no DKIM set up at all IIRC. And as far as I can tell I’ve never had problems sending to gmail or any other mail server. Maybe I just got lucky and my VPS’s IP address has never been owned by a spammer? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              Edit: Just remembered that I still have a gmail account as a backup and it’s set up to forward email to my own server. Maybe that makes a difference to Google?

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      Playing with QBE, maybe doing more type checking, grappling with systemd. Enjoying the nice weather.

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      After a brutal week, I finally got a good start on the 4th (and hopefully last) blog post from the series I’ve been writing about ~naming things (https://lobste.rs/s/iadvoc/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_b2uute) on Saturday. Hopefully I’ll find the energy to finish it out :)

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      Reconnecting to the hivemind. Recently had the longest break from internet since I was 9 years old.

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        How long this time?

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          Few months >.<

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      It’s Hack Week at WorkOS, so we’re all going to be taking the week to work on various work-adjacent projects.

      I’ll be working on finishing up our Rust SDK in preparation for a general release.

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      Rewriting my wife’s portfolio site. I’m gonna use a fun non-work language to rework the backend. Also messing with Tailscale some more.

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        Have you decided which non work language you’ll use? And just curious what’s $WORK_LANGUAGE? :)

        I tried this with Javascript a bit ago, chose my framework poorly, and ended up running back to the safety and comfort of Python :)

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          Well it’s currently written in Node, which I also use at work. I was thinking of using Go or Rust. They do use Go at work, but I’m not developing in it day to day.

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            Very cool! I’d choose Rust but good luck and have fun in any case!

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              Alright, you convinced me!

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      • Water plants.
      • Polish my little editor/IDE named just o.
      • Try to reach the rank of 2k in the game of Go, at the KGS server.
      • Plan the summer vacation.
      • Update some Arch Linux packages once archlinux-keyring sees a new release.
      • Take the kids to the beach to swim in the ocean, and then play some Mario Kart.
      • Finally start reading the “Artificial Intelligence in Finance” and “Linux device drivers” books I have on my desk.
      • Make a track on the Octatrack, using only self made samples.
      • Do one hangup.
      • Work.
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          OGS is also nice! Cool that you reached 2 kyu. Do you remember what you did to go from 3 kyu to 2 kyu? Just play more games, get reviews, read a book, practice life and death or something else entirely?

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      Having fun with friends setting up CUDA on PowerPC

      We don’t know why it’s stopped crashing on idle, only that it has

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      Having installed Miniflux over the weekend on my home ProxMox setup I now need to figure out how to get the Pocket integration to work, since it requires an API key, and the registration flow on their website REALLY seems to require that the Pocket website itself be able to access my Miniflux install on the open internet, which I don’t want since I avoid poking holes in my firewall like the plague and lean on Tailscale for any access to my personal stuff from the open internet.

      I know one common solution is to run Traeffik or nginx or similar as a reverse proxy and just poke ONE hole for https going to that, but I’d been hoping to avoid that extra complexity.

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      Writing Quality Assurance documentation starter for my wider org to adopt and contribute. Then a long needed vacation.