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    Does anyone still use macOS Server outside of Apple? I thought they didn’t even have rack-mountable servers, so using macOS server involved buying a regular Mac and just stacking it in a rack. Is that still the case?

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      It sounds to me like they are deprecating all server services and probably preparing to merge macOS Server into macOS so they’ll have just one computer OS. Am I missing anything?

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        Ever since Lion they stopped having a macOS Server version. That’s when the server app appeared the first time which was installing what previously was part of the server OS.

        Over time they removed more and more features from that though, so now all that’s left is OpenDirectory (their LDAP/Kerberos AD equivalent) and their MDM solution.

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          It now makes sense why it seems such a dramatic change for me as the last time I’ve worked with macOS Server it was back during the Tiger days. Thank you for clearing things up!

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        It used to be that the Server app would store and distribute os/iOS updates from a local device. That was the main reason I got it. Now it seems like I should request a refund.