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Racketfest, the rogue Racket conference, is on!

A delightful place to enjoy Racket and language-oriented programming

Mark your calendars: Saturday, March 18, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

All the information you need is on https://racketfest.com

https://racketfest.com/ will be updated as planning proceeds, but to summarize and get you fired up see the Racketfest 2023 announcement on the Racket Discussions discourse (no ads & no registration required to view)


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    To be fair, it’s pretty sad that people are returning to offline-only events now that people in most countries are no longer affected by travel restrictions due to public health reasons. There are now a lot more people who cannot afford to travel regardless of restrictions, at the mildest end of the spectrum of reasons why people can’t travel in 2022.

    If this is the Racket conference rather than a local event, I think its organizers shouldn’t assume that everyone interested can just come to Berlin to speak. That wasn’t true in 2019 either.

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      The Racket community has both in-person and virtual events.

      I’d say RacketCon is the Racket Conference, but despite being in-person significant efforts were made to keep the event accessible to those unable to attend including a live feed, and virtual meet-up space and a virtual coffee break.

      The Racket community also runs regular virtual meet-ups - the next one is in less than an hour: https://racket.discourse.group/t/racket-meet-up-saturday-3-december-at-18-00-utc/1460?u=spdegabrielle

      All welcome😁

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