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    So eventually, after we platformize our hack and are comfortable from having run parallel infrastructures for some time, we’ll be handing off our DNS infra to the folks that probably know how to do it better than us.

    So far I’m 2 for 2 on “companies I’ve heard of running their own complicated DNS set up, despite it not being a core part of their business” vs “companies who would have been far better off outsourcing their DNS.”

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      What does this look like when you’re in your own datacenter?

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        One of:

        • You put the entirety of your zones on the external DNS service and you put only caching (if any) nameservers inside the DC.
        • You put the public-facing part of your zones on the external DNS service and you do split-horizon DNS to have an internal.example.com subdomain visible only inside your DC, inside which all your internal-only records go. You put at least one nameserver inside your DC which responds to requests from inside your DC only, believes itself to be authoritative for internal.example.com, and delegates all other requests.

        In both cases you get an API and UI for managing your publicly visible DNS entries because every worthwhile DNS provider does that.

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          You can still outsource DNS in that scenario. Maybe it makes less sense though, but it’s equally possible as when you’re entirely cloud hosted.

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          I think that an ideal state is “companies should only do the core part of their business”, but the reality is that “companies have to own whatever they need to own to ensure their customers can access their product”.

          If that means running your own code or your own DNS or your own fileserver then that’s what you gotta do. It’s obviously more expensive but some companies don’t have the luxury of saying (as I’ve heard many on hn say) “amazon is down lol that means the internet’s broken guess we can go to lunch until it’s working again”.

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            This can’t possibly be true if “own” means “run themselves”. Every company that sells products using the internet needs, amongst many other things, DNS service. Proportionally very few of those companies are capable of running a DNS service with higher uptime than, say, Route 53.

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