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Let’s collect tech-related April’s fools jokes from today here that don’t warrant their own story.

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        don't has been generalised from Monad to Applicative Really happy to see this.

        The “acme-dont-discuss” mailing list name doesn’t sound very inviting though, I think newcomers will be less intimidated if it’s named “discuss-acme-dont”.

        Myself I’ve released CD cover art for a project whose binary is about 6MB unstripped, in case someone just enjoys having a CD: https://soupault.neocities.org/blog/soupault-cd-kit/

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          Hahaha, I hadn’t considered that connotation. If nobody discusses acme-dont then I guess that’s fine. All my other project lists are -discuss and nobody uses them, either :-)

          I like your case label. It’s very clean.

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          I would like to thank Gracjan Polak for uploading the initial releases of acme-dont, and for maintaining the package these past eleven years. I do not intend to betray the responsibility he has assigned me in handing over this critical package.

          It is my personal opinion that betraying responsibility is exactly in the spirit of the don't package.

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          Thanks to the gentlemen at DBA StackExchange for playing along: How do I make our data warehouse OSHA compliant?

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            The question’s been closed, btw.

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              deleted and unarchived….

              no fun allowed on *exchange

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            Thanks for the initiative to gather these in one place. I’m happily hiding this now :D

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              From another lobste.rs thread: Guix is deprecating support for the Linux kernel

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                        I ran supergrub yesterday, as I needed to boot something from my not-otherwise-available-because-some-os-overwrote-grub-in-mbr grub.cfg.

                        It did a big show of pretending to destroy everything in the computer, only to show a happy april fools’ message by the end.

                        I wasn’t amused.

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                              Introducing for Families from Cloudfare: https://blog.cloudflare.com/introducing-1-1-1-1-for-families/

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                                This is not a joke, Cloudflare traditionally announces products on April 1st. itself was announced on that date.

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                                  I posted it here because the whole service is a joke =)

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                                    And they already had to issue an apology for overzealous censorship.


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                                  More of a project than a joke: https://new.reddit.com/r/imposter