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Companion to this paper (discussion)

  • Starts with a rant against agile
  • 7:30 transitions into explaining “the hacker way”
  • 13:00 control theory
  • 18:00 how everything how software is eating the world,
  • 24:00 the mealy machine and the enterprise
  • 30:00 TDD
  • 33:00 hierarchy as optimal company organization
  • 39:00 philosophy of command
  • 42:00 call to action

I’m familiar with his accent/speaking style from his FP101x lectures and was comfortable running this at 2.3x in vlc.


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    I’m really interested in what the lobsters community thinks of the points here, particularly points in the last 20 minutes:

    • Improvisation is best when it’s done inside tight well defined boundary - i.e. programmers do best when they are given a tight well defined problem to solve, but inside that bounds can do whatever they want.
    • Hierarchical management structures like the army should be copied in [software development] companies. Top level deals with strategy, low level are coders. Decision making is distributed though, so low level can make rapid decisions.

    (I don’t know this guy, he has some interesting points but I’m sad that he violates rule 0: don’t be a dick)

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      I thought this was going to be primarily about Facebook, since their campus address is “One Hacker Way”. Was wrong but video premise is very interesting, and does mention their campus.