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Hey everyone! I would like to share my project. It’s kind of an Alfred alternative, but open source and with some unique features e.g. sort options by frequency of use. For example, by using the app you can connect Bluetooth devices, switch the song, set a timer, etc. so you can stay focused on your current task.

❤️ Open source 🤖 Native 🔌 Plugin system ⌨️ Custom hotkeys ⬆️ Sort options by frequency of use 📦 Small size

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    Quicksilver is another open source launcher for macOS. What does this project aim to do differently?

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      Man, I had no idea Quicksilver was still alive and kicking. I seem to remember it being dead awhile back, which is when I switched to Alfred.

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        Hmm, I hadn’t heard about this project before. Thanks for the link.

        It turns out that there is only one difference between it and spotter - spotter is a cross-platform application which will be released also on windows.

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          Quicksilver was the app that inspired Alfred, LaunchBar, Gnome-Do, and I think much of the “launcher” market.

          It was a fantastic app in its heyday, but unfortunately lost some of it’s quality as macOS progressed and it didn’t quite keep up. It also depended on compiled, typically Objective-C, plugins, which is not how most newer plugin systems are working now, with Node, Python, Lua, etc, being more typical.

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            I remember using LaunchBar in the Mac OS 7 days (mid-1990s). It well pre-dates Quicksilver.

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              Apologies, I didn’t know that! Thanks!

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            Another open source thing like Alfred is Albert, might be worth checking out for further inspiration.

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              Great app, but looks ugly tbh

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            I’ve been using Quicksilver for the past 15 years, and I just can’t switch to anything else. I might not be using it’s full potential, but for quickly starting an app or getting me contacts/calculations/files, it’s invaluable.

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            Only for Mac OS?

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              Yes, at the moment

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              Nice, looking forward to trying this in the AM.