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    A post about it from bunnie: https://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=5921

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      No really, I promise this isn’t spam! This project is about owning a computer that is simple enough that you could audit it yourself!

      Check out this snippet from the first update:

      Even though the full source code for the Linux kernel and Firefox is published, nobody has the time to personally review every release for potential security problems; we simply trust that others have done a good job, because we have no other choice. Precursor rolls the clock back to the early 2000’s, when mobile computers were powerful enough to be useful for single tasks, while simple enough that individuals or small teams could build them from scratch.

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        If it had a cell modem capable of voice and SMS, I’d buy it just on the basis of its form factor. I miss my old Nokia QWERTY phones.

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          Well, Nokia still produces their classic lineup :D

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            Mine are still fine, hardware-wise, and there are still plenty of used ones out there in decent shape. But the software…? I’m slightly embarrassed by the effort I put into trying to get a Symbian (S40 or S60) dev environment set up on a Windows 7 Pro VM, just so I could keep these old friends on software life support. Did a similar thing for my Blackberries, with similarly scant success. There are more fun dead-end closed technologies to bang one’s head against.

            I had in mind something more like this similar effort. Who knows, maybe it could be the Linux to bunnie’s “Betrusted” HURD.

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          Super cool project! Thanks for posting.