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      Came to say something along the lines of “naming things is hard but FYI ‘spack’ is a derogatory term for someone with mental illness, at least where I’m from in the UK”

      But then I saw it’d a pretty big package already, yikes!

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        Derogatory terms not aimed at people seem fine in our space.

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          Semi-agree, except mental illness and disability are protected characteristics so different to calling someone a git

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            There are inclusive and non-inclusive insults. Git is not aimed at a particular group and does not insult the target by likening them to a particular target group. It’s not a fantastic idea to name your project after an insult[1] but at least git doesn’t attack a particular group.

            [1] Linus’ disarming rationale for the naming was that he always names projects after himself. Since the original name for Linux was Freax, there’s a bit of a precedent for this.

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            The same concerns were mentioned on Lobsters when it was shared 2 years ago.

            Unclear though if the authors are aware, as I couldn’t find any discussion of the name in their issue tracker.