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      This article is a very good guide to writing a language package manager. Whatever happened to the author’s package manager?

      This article was incidentally part of my inspiration when I made a language package manager for Scheme: https://akkuscm.org/

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        Whatever happened to the author’s package manager?


        In my personal experience, dep is one of the more annoying package managers I worked with. It’s very slow, prone to doing very wrong/surprising things, and tends to get stuck in infinite loops (with no feedback). In general, I felt the entire thing was too clever by half.

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          The article mentions Glide. That one looks nearly dead though.

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          Do you have any experience with go mod? I tried it recently but found it confusing. It left me with a project that just wouldn’t build. There isn’t a lot of room for mistakes when running the commands, but I guess it was user error somehow. I went back to GOPATH because I needed to get work done.

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