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I submitted a post called “BBVA acquires Simple”, gave it a “news” tag and it got two down votes for being “off-topic”.

I guess I am a little bit curious what the “news” tag should be for, if not for actual events that changed how the world is?


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    I personally came to lobsters to get away from the Silicon Valley/startup-tabloid type of submissions that get a lot of upvotes on Hacker News. News about an acquisition is not really news about technology.

    After reading the post you submitted, I agree with the downvoters because there isn’t any technology news in there (FWIW, I didn’t downvote you).

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      News about an acquisition is not really news about technology.

      There are also numerous places to read startup news. Harder to find are technical communities with an ethos like lobsters.

      I would prefer startup news to be tagged specifically as such so it can be filtered easily.

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      It’s a serious problem with the “news” tag. Many users don’t want to see any Silicon Valley news, even legitimate stories about acquisitions. The WhatsApp acquisition story had 3 “off-topic” downvotes as well. To those that are downvoting those stories, please just filter out the “news” tag instead.

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        Do you think it might be worth adding a tag for SV-specific news?

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          Only if it can be called “bubble”.

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            Or “hackernews”?

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            Almost certainly. There might be things tagged “News” that are interesting to people who aren’t at all interested in Hacker News at its Hackeriest Newsy.

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            I had to filter out the news tag because there’s no differentiation and that it’s more important to me to block out SV news than it is to use lobsters for other news. I think users may not be familiar with the filtering tools.

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            Interesting point, although I think the “off-topic” down-votes I assume are because startup acquisitions announcements aren’t something that those users thought are appropriate in general here. I wasn’t said down-voter so I can’t say for sure.

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              Good point. I think removing the news tag will make this simpler. I didn’t downvote that post, but I would agree with the downvoters that it doesn’t seem relevant to the lobsters community.

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                I had a look at the stories marked news. They seemed to fall into two buckets. Things marked only news which were of a miscellaneous, though often SV based, nature. And things marked news in addition to some other combination of tags.

                The problem with filtering news is that you miss out on all the items in the second category. Which reveals the true problem: people tagging too many submissions as news. Something can’t be miscellaneous and specific at the same time.

                If people only used the news tag for things that are general news and not specifically tagged something else, I think it would work better. After all, just about everything is news. Tagging everything as such renders the tag meaningless.

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                  “Bank acquires bank” doesn’t sound like a lobste.rs story. But maybe, buried in the story, there is an aspect of more interest. Does BBVA develop some interesting software, or use an interesting kind of UI, or …? If so, then maybe the optional “Text” box in the submission form would be a good place to highlight it.

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                    Simple is an online-only bank – an internet startup.