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    From one of the linked blog posts in this articles:

    OpenStreetMap, on the other hand, relies primarily on donated hosting services and runs on a shoestring budget. It has no paid employees and does not fund or direct the development of its software base.

    We are one of many organizations that donates hardware to OpenStreetMap. I’m glad to see an article both introducing the project and describing it’s growing (organizational) pains.

    For any of you involved in OpenStreetMap–if I can be of any additional help please let me know.

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      I can get by without any Google services with the exception of Maps. I think if OSM could become useful for the layperson it would be a huge benefit to society.

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        OsmAnd is great! I recently used it to navigate while traveling abroad without internet.

        The UI isn’t quite as polished as Google Maps, and calculating a route locally isn’t as quick as Google’s servers. But it certainly gets the job done.