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      People need to stop seeing Forth as postfix notation and stacks. It’s a whole mindset and approach to problem solving, it’s : forth stack blocks words ; maybe sans blocks, it’s metaprogramming and metacompliation. Play might be a concatenative language but I really don’t see the Forth. Like, there are almost no syntactic or semantic rules to Forth really, I don’t even know what that means. Check out 1x Forth.

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      Nice! This could be a good language for learning concatenative programming!

      Is the type system based on Christopher Diggins’ white paper? If so, there’s a bit of unsoundness that I discovered. Hoping to release some (cleaned-up) code and accompanying blog post for a minimal statically typed concatenative language in the next week or two. Landing page with email subscription is up at https://www.dawn-lang.org, if anyone is interested in following along. The staticlly typed concatenative core is just the beginning!