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I’ve posted about Chapp before. It stemmed from my friend @shelkie’s idea to create a sort of IRC in the browser. Little did we know Slack, and about a thousand other groups were doing the same. We didn’t have a clear purpose or business plan for Chapp—we just wanted to build it.

That was likely a mistake, as we flailed with it. We posted fun stuff and work stuff. I reached out to some groups to see if they might use it on a corporate level. I even used it to talk with my family members (in private channels).

As we’re not funded, we pay our bills with services work. A few months passed, and we got busy at our studio. We let Chapp languish, and almost forgot about it. Then we launched Officehours, and that became—and still is—our focus.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I find myself sick of Facebook and Twitter. I try to avoid posting to Facebook as I know I’ll bug someone by posting the wrong thing. Meanwhile, it seems like so many people on Twitter just want to jump into internet fights. This leaves me tinkering with Chapp, and wondering if maybe it’s an alternative—probably not for many, but maybe for a few—or at least me.

So, I kicked out a few emails and asked if folks wanted to try it again. Nothing’s really changed there. In fact, it’s buggy (not working at all on iOS at the moment). That said, I like the idea of getting a few folks together, and having a place to share fun/interesting stuff. That’s what I always wanted from Facebook/Twitter, but at scale those don’t seem to work so well.

I sometimes think there’s a correlation between Lobsters and Chapp, in that both are sort of small and contain a distinct group of members. Meanwhile, I know Lobsters isn’t about fooling around—and I wonder if Chapp should be. In fact, maybe Chapp could be where Lobsters members go when they want to waste some time on something not-work/tech related.

If you’re interested, pop by. If you’re not, no harm. And if this feels like spam, downvote this thing into the ground. I really don’t mean to bug anyone with this. It’s just that I think there’s a possible connection here, and figure it can’t hurt to ask. :-)


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    It’s a good question, but I think #lobsters already exists for what Chapp is offering in this case. ;)

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      Ahh—yes. I see that now. Didn’t know that existed.

      You’re right. #lobsters probably does offer any of the utility/fun that Chapp would. I suppose the only things missing would be video/images, etc. That said, those might not really be that important.


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        In this context no, however I didn’t realize chapp.is has private rooms… I might start using it with guys at work. :)

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