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      Folks, can we please leave the outrage spam on HN or other places? Also, linking to a tweetstorm where somebody is debugging a flight problem with no visibility isn’t really a good use of the space here.

      This sucks, but unless you’ve got a pilot’s license you probably can’t help with this situation.

      Also, the person tag is being abused a bit here I think?

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        I tend to view these things as useful data points….

        …when I next manage to wrangle a work related conference trip, should I aim for a US conference or an Oz or EU one?

        Enough of these datapoints have gone by that I’m currently in the camp, “Meh. the US sounds like such a hassle… EU or Oz for me thanks.”

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          I have been in Trumpland 3 times since the election. Every time on ESTA. No problems at all.

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        I have a pilot’s license! Oh wait, that’s just a library card :(

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      From the rest of the thread, it sounds like it might’ve been the airline misflagging him rather than the US denying entry, but not really clear.

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        There seem to e a lot of “me too”s in the responses. I wonder whether that’s really an airline problem.

        But yeah, more information would be great. Not being able due to seemingly random or semi-random reasons to enter the US have been happening before the Trump administration was in office, so I am not sure whether that’s related either.

        Sadly the lack of official reasons makes this scary. So people naturally end up trying to find reasons for themselves. There are stories that are like criticizing politics, being an Assange fan, talking about drugs or being temporarily without a job that frequently get mentioned, but without any knowledge people can’t be certain.

        However I agree, that this doesn’t make the US a nice place for conferences, or maybe even international companies. One rarely hears about that in other places, other than critical journalists in some oppressive jurisdictions that is.