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      Thanks. Despite being a long-time Debian user, I don’t really know who among the project is a name brand.

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        Does that mean Crackmonkey is coming back?

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        Why is he leaving the project? I saw systemd mentioned in one of the replies. Could anyone provide some more information about what’s going on inside Debian?

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          I have no particular insight but this post from his blog is interesting:


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          What I’d like to note is that the news that debian is making lately has more to do with people leaving or wishing to propose a fork of debian than with something really exciting coming about.

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            I don’t know why this person is leaving, but as a Debian user, I like that nothing “exciting” is happening. That’s why I use it.

            If I wanted bleeding edge, breaking changes, and incompatibility, I wouldn’t be using Debian. There are plenty of distros for that, but I appreciate that Debian is more stable.

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              Exciting does not mean doing bleeding edge and broken stuff within the debian-stable, but creating ideas for making debian better. People leaving or wanting to fork the project means that they are not excited about it as they were. I think the term is clear now in its context.

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            I would be interested to know where people like him are going, Linux-wise.

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              What a bummer. I’ve been using Debian since the 90’s. Read a few manpages from the Debian tools and you can’t help but run into Joey’s name. He’s done a ton of the work around package management.

              Joey’s also the author and maintainer of git-annex, written in Haskell. In that sense, his main work won’t be on another distro – it’s likely to remain git-annex. But, like I know.

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                Linux may be an excessive assumption - at least some people are leaving Debian for FreeBSD.

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                  I have been pondering that as well. I’ve only got some experience with OpenBSD, not FreeBSD and I really liked how clean and easy to use it was. Top notch documentation.

                  On the other hand, after all these years I can kick out Windows because most games I play can be played either through Wine or Steam. So that is keeping me from switching to FreeBSD. (And don’t suggest consoles, thanks!)