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    I just bought four thinkpad x220/x230’s because I want to get my nephews and nieces off of proprioware and teach them what a computer is… It’s a long shot but I hope maybe one of them will catch the bug (and the better I do this preparation phase the more likely it is to work).

    Right now I am setting up guix on each of them, the next step is to create X sessions that can start them off with some instructions so they aren’t totally lost. Really hoping that the “hacker-y” computer with the terminals and the tiling WM will look cool to their peers.

    I’ll need some kind of remote management solution that can double as a communication mechanism. I was thinking tmux and ssh :)

    Finally, I may write a small (Icelandic as natural language) DSL for interacting with the window manager (translating guix would be a bit much since they know some English but I was looking into it a bit). I figured it could be a cool way to learn programming, especially if there are some malleable windows (some terminal TUI app) that the DSL can also touch.

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      This sounds like an awesome project! Do you plan to document any of this in a blog or something?

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        Yeah I’m working on something like that as well but it won’t be anywhere for a little while.

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      Reproducible builds + dns-sd / local-peering is a great match. Excited to experiment with GUIX now that the user-friendliness seems to have passed my personal threshold.

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        I really like the idea of Guix and the GNU Operating System, but does it have an option to use the HURD kernel instead of Libre Linux?

        Like that QEMU images are available and it’s multi-arch, so may give it a test this weekend.

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          I really like the idea of Guix and the GNU Operating System, but does it have an option to use the HURD kernel instead of Libre Linux?

          Of course :) https://guix.gnu.org/en/blog/2020/deprecating-support-for-the-linux-kernel/ (note when it was published).

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          I really want to use Guix, it checks all my boxes except the one where it works “out of the box” on my Intel NUC. :(

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            Strange, why doesn’t it work on your NUC?

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              This blog post goes into a lot of detail about how he installed guix on his NUC, but the short answer is there are no acceptable free drivers for the wireless card.


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            One thing I’m curious about is what’s the standard workflow if you want to run multiple versions of a particular package? For example, if I want to test the some code safely compiles on multiple versions of the GHC compiler.

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              I am just getting started on guix but afaict the answer to your question is going to use that packages are first class (they are just guile records you can pass around) so you can make a function that takes a GHC compiler and returns your package and then map it over the versions of GHC you want to test.

              You can then use https://www.guixwl.org/ to run the test pipeline for each package (or whatever, just thought it was cheeky to point at this).