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      For the (semi)automated but convenient updates there is niv: https://github.com/nmattia/niv

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        niv also stores the version information in JSON and updates it there, so it’s a Haskell implementation of the same idea.

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          Exactly, but with a couple of bells and whistles, especially when fetching sources from GitHub.

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      Thanks for this post. It’s comforting knowing a bit about the basic mechanism running under the hood of NixOps since that’s what my companies use for all infrastructure work.

      This isn’t entirely true, because it won’t auto-rollback if a changed service fails to start in its new configuration. It’ll just sit there dead. At least it’ll tell you it’s dead though :P

      Is this auto-rollback feature possible? Would it just be a case of wrapping some deploy command (like nixops deploy) with something that checks the exit code and conditionally runs the rollback command? Would that actually be an undesirable feature?

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        That’s exactly what we did at my previous role (did some checks and rolled back if they didn’t succeed), it’s not hard to implement.