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Code: https://github.com/speps/tt/

Blog posts: https://speps.fr/articles/torus-trooper-part1

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      Well, this is indeed a nice blast from the past I wasn’t expecting to see this evening!

      It’s only tangentially mentioned on the third page, but this is a game from 00’s indie darling ABA Games/Kenta Cho, and at the time convinced college-age me that languages outside of C or C++ were just as capable of making fast graphic games.

      However this was right around the big split between D1/Phobos and D2/Tango, so I never really pursued it any further.

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      Wow that is a fun game. Nice clean port too. Well done! I’m a sucker for those sorts of STUN runner style racers.

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      Holy heck I love it. Shades of Tempest 2000, except it actually runs on hardware you own.

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