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    Why is this here? Was there something specific that Lobsters folk should be paying attention to?

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      Could you elaborate? Are you objecting, or just curious?

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        I’m just wondering why Wikipedia links are being posted to Lobsters? Yes, there’s a whole lot of interesting stuff on Wikipedia, but what’s the point of linking to (arbitrary) entries? What value does this bring to the Lobster community?

        So I’m objecting because I don’t see the point, but I also admit to have possibly missed the point, hence my query.

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          I don’t think Nagle’s Algorithm is terribly arbitrary. It’s a networking algorithm, it’s pretty interesting, and wikipedia has a good explanation of it. If someone had a blog post which had all of the same explanation of Nagle’s Algorithm, it probably wouldn’t be questioned. I think wikipedia shouldn’t be treated as special because it’s wikipedia–if the information is useful, or interesting, and tech-related, I think lobsters is a good place for it.

          Wikipedia is not terribly timely, but I don’t think it’s important to only link to things which are timely. Lots of interesting information is still interesting a year later.

          There is also a long history of posting wikipedia articles on lobsters, and they are often well received.


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            I like that this was posted. There are still a lot of algos that haven’t crossed my path. In general, I’d rather see a page with a “for dummies” explanation of the algo, as Wikipedia entries tend to be rather dry and clinical. Then I can decide if I want to go all-in, if that makes any sense.