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    RR is the best debugger I’ve ever used. Its record and replay abilities are far better than GDB’s. I haven’t had a reason to try out Pernosco (the “omniscient debugger” developped by RR’s maintainers) yet but it seems to be what debuggers should always have been: a database of all states of the program and a tool to arbitrarily jump between them. This is very, very cool stuff.

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      What interface do you use with it? Can you use GDB console or Eclipse or Clion?

      I have used all 3 interfaces and I probably will try rr at some point… well I did try it briefly but the GUI actually made a pretty big difference too.

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        You can use any GDB client to connect to RR (for example I successfully managed to use GnatStudio with RR). I mostly use GDB’s TUI because I haven’t found a GDB UI I like yet (but haven’t spent much time searching either).

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          FWIW I got an open source license for CLion, which is free if you have an open source C project … I haven’t used it that much, but so far it seems a lot better than Eclipse, which I got working, but was finicky.

          I use the TUI for some simple things but I have to admit the GUI helps for advanced stuff.

          I looked at a whole bunch of others but perhaps unsurprisingly the commercial one is more polished and usable :-/