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    So Rexx seems like earlier language sitting in the perl/Python/ruby/tcl niche that dominated on non-unixoid platforms and unpopular PC operating systems?

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      Not sure how widely it’s used today, but it was pretty popular on Amigas (the ARexx dialect).

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        It is earlier and it does fill that niche.

        It’s still the de facto standard scripting language in most mainframe situations and was a very integral part of AmigaOS. It was also the standard on OS/2 and a few others.

        It definitely has some warts (the way scoping of global variables is handled and the inability to pass stem variables to procedures being the two biggest IMHO), but it still has some of the most interesting numerics of any programming language and with its concept of “commands” it really did place scripting/macros at the forefront (though its case-folding meant that it wasn’t as pretty to use on systems that were more case-sensitive).