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    Worth noting, since Servo’s speed has often been mentioned: very little work has gone into optimizing the network stack. So I noticed when playing around with this that often, the page load was very slow, but then using things on the page after was super fast.

    Soooooooo pumped!

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      Also, into input controls. When trying to log in to write this post, hitting <tab> ended up submitting the form. Text editing controls and line wrap in this field alspoo don’t work properly.

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        And into being able to enter text into the address bar apparently? Any suggestion is immediately selected, and my cursor keeps jumping left while typing.

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      For anyone that was wondering: Lobste.rs in servo.

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        For anyone that was wondering: Lobste.rs in servo in imgur in servo

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          Wow! I’m amazed it rendered so well! I tried running it over a year ago and it was incredibly unusable. My personal website rendered as a giant black page that flashed orange once in a while. That’s an incredible amount of progress.

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          This is a great project. I’ve just tried this early build and it looks they have been making good progress, some of the pages I used to test rendered a blank page but most of them opened fine without major issues.