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    A lot of the fun of wordle for me is picking a different start word everyday.

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      Someone I know picks her name as the start every day.

      Paid off this week.

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        Her name, not her outlook on life?

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          Her name. Outlook on life was today :)

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        I mostly try to do have my first word be new(ish) each day, have chance to be correct (so far i have only twice got it on second try, never on first), lock in correct letters (I play in hard mode).

        I end up re-using a few words: PANIC if I’m tired, RAISE, MANIC or AMBER - or something else…

        As there’s no text version of TFA - I’m not sure what the bug is, or what is optimized for - but I guess it’s trying for best opener wrt fewest guesses - ie: excluding as many words from possible solutions at each step?

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        I like “SERAI”, then if I haven’t gotten many hits “POUTY”. That’s all the vowels, which helps me organize my thinking about the possible words. (Today, I tried SERAI, then POUTY, then got the actual word on the third try.)

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          It seems I have a very different strategy than people here. I want to lock in the vowels first so I use URINE/AORTA maybe I’m doing something wrong.

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            The doubled A and R seem like a wasted opportunity to get letter clues.
            Maybe CHAOS as the 2nd word since S and H are quite common letters.

            As a kid I learned ETANOIRSH for playing hangman which isn’t 100% accurate but it’s what stuck in my head.

            By the way thanks for the tip - the adjustment I mentioned got me today’s word in 3!

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              Indeed, CHAOS looks like a better option.

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                For fun I checked /usr/share/dict/words for word pairs with

                • 10 unique letters
                • used all the vowels

                Using this letter frequency list

                • 273 pairs using etaoinsrhdlu
                • 83 pairs using etaoinsrhdu
                • 10 pairs using etaoinsrhu

                Those final 10 pairs included URINE and my (new) favourite starting pair for how ordinary they are: HOUSE + TRAIN

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              For locking in vowels easily, I find OUIJA to be pretty effective. Yes, you miss out on the E but you get a wide cut from 80% of the vowels right away.

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              If anyone has a good three-word opening I’d like to hear it.

              So far I’ve got some good thematic pairs, like LUNAR DEITY, LEMON SUGAR, or AUDIO RHYME, but I really want a 3-fer. Words that go together, yet still give good alphabet cover.

              I also wonder about the worst pairs to start with, like MOMMY PUPPY &c, for a truly hard game.

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                I’ve been using AROSE, then BUILT or BRUIN for the second word depending on the result of the first.

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                  I don’t play much but based on decades of crossword solving I would wager the optimal strategy includes giving priority to matching consonants over vowels.

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                    That’s what I’m going for normally. Vowels don’t help me much - they can be mentally brute forced. While everyone is going vowels first, I’m there with my “twirl” was the first word.

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                    I use STERN/AVOID/MULCH.

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                      I use MURKY cause I really dislike trying to find words with U or Y, so I just want them over and done. Can’t explain it.