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    Nice cheat sheet (albeit from 2011) - some of those I wasn’t even aware of, like ss replacing netstat and arp being deprecated.

    I do find things like this annoying though - I am all for progress, but if net-tools is unmaintained, why create a new tool with a completely different CLI? Rewrite ifconfig if you must, but do it in a way that maintains compatibility. The OpenBSD ifconfig is often getting tweaked, but it’s still ifconfig!

    Or am I just getting old? (PS: get off my lawn!).

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      The iproute (and subsequently iproute2) design goal was just to expose the Linux kernel networking facilities through a CLI with as close to a 1-to-1 mapping as possible, so sysadmins could use all the available features from scripts.

      It’s harder to find clear documentation on this part, but it doesn’t seem to have originally been intended as a replacement for the traditional tools. The expectation seems to have been that, more like you suggest, they would keep being maintained too, providing a more familiar, non-1-to-1 mapping to kernel facilities. But maintenance fell off as most people interested in keeping up with kernel networking just used and contributed to iproute/iproute2 (which was also easier to do, since it was just a thin wrapper around kernel functionality), so in 2009 the net-tools maintainers declared bankruptcy, so to speak.

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        as close to a 1-to-1 mapping as possible, so sysadmins could use all the available features from scripts.

        What gets me is that at every stage (ifconfig, ip, etc) wifi has always been in a different tool..

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          There’s a nice summary of the deprecation over on ServerFault. Of course, some of the comments are just plain wrong, but the references make for interesting reading.

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          tbh this is a good example of why I tend to prefer BSDs, as well as just why I prefer cathedral-style development over the mess of the bazaar. I don’t like the pattern (specifically in Linux) of constantly replacing old tools with entirely new tools that cover slightly different use-cases of the old ones, while usually missing some functionality.

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          I’m a big proponent and supporter of iproute2 but even I can’t help to feel like this is a huge step backwards for usability.

          If you looked at this (and every other) cheatsheet without column labels would you be more likely to think the left column (with single commands named appropriately) or the right column (many commands with hard to remember switches and options that aren’t intuitive like ss and ip neighbor) was the correct or new way? If I didn’t know about the two sets of utilities I’d bet ifconfig and iwconfig and netstat and route are supposed to replace that antiquated cryptic ip thing.

          Computer sytanx is weird these days. There’s this, and systemd, and PowerShell. Then again we’ve always had openssl and gpg and those are dumpster fires of the cli – and I use them on a daily basis.

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            I kind of find it hilarious that the arp command was replaced with something in Layer 3.

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              ifconfig [interface] down -> ip link set dev [interface] down

              Well that is more annoying to type.