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    Luckily all of the source files are under 64KB, or else they’d have to host it at github.exe.

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      Or on github pages?

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        I will explain the (clever) joke. The COM executable binary format in DOS has a maximum size of 65,280 bytes and had a file extension of .com. DOS MZ binary format did not have this limitation and such files had the extension .exe.

        (If your comment was extending the joke, it wooshed over me, my bad ;).)

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          It’s possible I’ve messed the joke extension. :-)

          I’ve been trying to recall the terminology (which I thought was paging but cannot be sure/cannot find confirmation) but I recall linking MSDOS executables in such a way that functions were grouped into different chunks/segments/pages. These were loaded in from disk as an entire group when called, so you tried to group functions together to avoid thrashing.

          I think these were ‘pages’, but I could have misremembered…

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            Sounds a bit like Turbo Pascal overlays, which were IIRC at the Turbo Pascal unit level.

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              Thanks! Yes, I think it was overlays. I think it was a linker thing rather than a language thing, since it was fortran. Ah yes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overlay_(programming)

              Sadly, “github overlays” don’t really have the same ring to it, so apologies to everyone :-)

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      The highlight is imho the license: MIT

      Also published recently, under the same license: GW-BASIC.